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Giants' fans have much to be thankful for

Today is Thanksgiving, and I thought it was a great opportunity to take stock of all the things we as New York Giants' fans have to be thankful for.

We don't have cheerleaders, but do we really need 'em? We've got NY Giants Girl Reby Sky.
  • We are, of course, the defending Super Bowl champions. All this time and I still love being able to write that.
  • At 10-1, our Giants are the best team in football and have a legitimate chance to win back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time in team history.
  • Reby Sky. The 'NY Giants Girl' certainly helps ease the disappointment many Giants' fans feel at not having cheerleaders of our own.
  • Jerry Reese. The Giants' general manager seems to have the golden touch when it comes to both the draft and free agency. The Giants are in good hands as long as Reese is in charge of personnel.
  • Ernie Accorsi. He's been retired for a couple of seasons now, but Accorsi did bring us Eli Manning in that controversial 2004 draft-day trade. Oh, and he also brought us Mathias Kiwanuka, a draft pick many thought was strange at the time.
  • Speaking of Eli, we have to be thankful for him, too. Who knows, and who cares, where he ranks among current quarterbacks? Or, where he will end up historically. The Giants can win Super Bowls with Eli at the helm, and last season's title might not be the last with him at the helm.
  • Tom Coughlin. Many of us wanted him run out of town not that long ago. A Super Bowl title this season, though, and we might be calling him the best coach in franchise history.
  • Brett Favre and the New York Jets. The Giants still love feeling slighted, and the more attention the Jets get the better for the Giants.
  • The vast resources of 'Earth, Wind & Fire.' It is an arsenal that gives the Giants an advantage every time they step on the field.
  • Plaxico Burress. Without Burress' foibles this season we would have very little left to argue about. As Wednesday's debate showed, Plax has at least given us that much this season. Shoot, this is a blog after all.
  • Steve Spagnuolo. We better give thanks for the incredible defensive coordinator now before he's gone.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Stay safe.