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A few more thoughts on the 10-1 Giants

In today's 'Kudos & Wet Willies' comments, 'Simms-McConkey' brought up a great point I meant to delve into, but forgot about.

It basically discusses Brandon Jacobs' value to the Giants.

What I learned watching the game was the value of the two guys on the sideline. The Giants can pass just fine without a disgruntled Plaxico — they did it against Seattle and now against ’Zona — and that not having Jacobs really does diminish the running game. The O-Line makes all these guys good, sure, but Having Jacobs as the primary 1st-half back really does make Ward & Bradshaw better.

I agree completely with that sentiment. As well as the Giants moved the ball Sunday, Jacobs' value to the Giants offense was on full display.

Ward is a good, but not great. He probably could be a No. 1 back on many teams, but not teams with dominating run games. As for Bradshaw, as much as we as Giants fans love him, his limitations were also on display Sunday.

First, in the kick return game Domenik Hixon showed the burst Bradshaw has been unable to provide. In the rushing game, Bradshaw gained just nine yards on four carries. Without the bruising Jacobs to wear out the Cardinals' front four, Bradshaw was not nearly as elusive.

I think Sunday should have ended any argument about who the best running back on the Giants is. It's Jacobs, and it really isn't even arguable.

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