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NFL Picks, Week 12 ... and the rest: 'Greek' says ...


Not to beat a dead horse, but for those of you that don't get the NFL network watching this week's matchup was nothing short of torture.

It wasn't the product on the field, or even the fact that I started Willie Parker in one of my fantasy leagues, although that did hurt a lot. It was listening to the moral outrage coming form the booth over Chad Johnson's insolent behavior.

I've come to expect everyone to get on their soapbox when a player acts out in such a petulant manner, but Chris Collinsworth took it one step too far. He spent the first quarter speaking out about Johnson's actions and how he can't behave that way in front of teammates and young players, because he's supposed to set an example. Later in the game after a Chris Henry catch, he nonchalantly mentions that Chris Henry's had his share of off the field problems but is moving past that.


Johnson is late for a meeting and shows up one of his coaches and his behavior is reprehensible, but Henry hasn't been arrested in a month, and he's a model citizen? Why the hypocrisy? Is it because Johnson acts like a jerk to the media, so they have to railroad him like this? Chris Henry keeps quiet during all of his arrests, and is given a free pass, not only by the team, which did not suspend him, but the media as well.

I know that most of the people in the booth these days are blowhards out to further their own agendas, but this was too much. Henry is a criminal. Leonard Little is a criminal. Larry Johnson is a criminal. Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens are obnoxious, and nothing more. It's time for people to realize that and stop going out of their way to ruin the jerks of the league while ignoring the real problems that exist.

The Picks

Houston at Cleveland (-3)
Buffalo (-3) at Kansas City
NY Jets (+5.5) at Tennessee
New England (PK) at Miami
San Francisco at Dallas (-10)
Tampa Bay at Detroit (+7.5)
Philadelphia (+1.5) at Baltimore
Chicago (-7.5) at St. Louis
Minnesota (+2.5) at Jacksonville
Carolina (+1) at Atlanta
Oakland at Denver (-9)
Washington at Seattle (+3)
NY Giants at Arizona (+3)
Indianapolis (+2.5) at San Diego
Green Bay (+2.5) at New Orleans