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New York Giants' notes, 11.21.08


Brandon Jacobs appears ready to go for the New York Giants Sunday after participating in Thursday's practice. Unfortunately, there is a new mystery surrounding Plaxico Burress.

Burress missed practice with an apparent hamstring injury. The Giants aren't saying which leg, how badly the wide receiver is hurt, or whether or not they expect him to play this weekend against Arizona.

  • As good as the Giants defense is, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo understands that his group will have its hands full with the Cardinals high-powered passing attack.

They are very efficient with what they do. They have great players, first of all. Ken has always done a good job offensively. He was that way when he was at Pittsburgh, Ken Whisenhunt. Remember way back when they had Kordell Stewart and they were throwing the ball all over the place and they had a lot of numbers offensively? And he is doing the same thing now. He has got a quarterback that knows how to do it. He has a bunch of wide outs that go up and get the football for him. They make you defend a lot of the field. And over the course of 60 minutes, it is hard to completely shut that down. So you have to try to slow it down and hope your own offense keeps them off the field. That is probably the best defense.

These guys are the real deal. Fitzgerald has made some impressive catches on tape, while Bolden has run through defenders like a full back. It's going to take our entire defense to corral these explosive receivers. They have a rookie RB Tim Hightower who's running the ball well. His running style is similar to Marion Barber, but he's not there quite yet. We still have to keep a steady eye on him in the run and pass game.

In watching this team on film, they mainly play with three, four and sometimes five WRs during the game, so its going to be fast paced. I look forward to our front four getting around Warner and making him uncomfortable. Then, our secondary and LBs will be more inclined to make plays on the ball. I'm excited about this opportunity, because this opponent is not the usual two-back pro-style offense. They are going make us adjust to some of the things they do, but there is not a better group to handle it. If we work harder, and longer than our opponents, we shall be victorious.