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Help get some Giants into the Pro Bowl

I was dismayed to read this note about Pro Bowl balloting this morning in the Daily News.

Think the Giants were angry last year when they sent one player to the Pro Bowl while the Cowboys sent 13? Well, the champs might be on the verge of being slighted again.

With three weeks to go in the fan balloting on, which counts for one-third of the selection process, the Washington Redskins lead in 16 of the 19 position categories in the NFC. They also have four of the top 10 overall NFL vote-getters.

Eli Manning (fourth) is the only Giant in the overall top 10. And DE Justin Tuck is the only Giant leading the voting at his position.

So, gang, let's try to do something about that. Get over to and fill out a Pro Bowl ballot. You can vote as many times as you like, so stuff that ballot box full of picks for the Giants!

  • If you haven't voted in our 'give the offensive line a nickname poll,' hurry up. Voting ends tonight. Right now, 'New York Block Exchange' has a decent lead over 'Big Blue Paving Crew.'
  • Thanks to all of you who took the time to participate in Tuesday night's chat with Patricia Traini of 'Inside Football.' I was nervous about how well it would work, and it was an overwhelming success. Lots of involvement, and lots of great questions. Pat enjoyed it as well. Great job, gang!
  • Running back Derrick Ward has just launched a new Web site. He will be updating a weekly blog, including possibly answering some questions e-mailed by readers. Oh, and of course you will be able to buy stuff. I am also trying to get Derrick to do an interview for Big Blue View, which would be a real bonus for us. We'll see how that goes.