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Wednesday Walk Around the NFL 11-19-08

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Good morning Giants fans, it's Wednesday and for me it's "Getaway Day" so let's take a quick look at some of the stories making headlines around the NFL:

The Bleacher Report says the Eagles-Bengals tie on Sunday proves its time for the NFL to adopt the NCAA overtime rules.

Pete Prisco says that while it's fun to talk about a Titans-Giants Super Bowl, the reality is that one or both of those teams may not make it. I guess he doesn't have much faith in the Titans.....

Mike Holmgren thinks the Seahawks may need major changes, but he has no answers.

For what has to be the umpteenth time this year, the NFL has admitted the refs blew the call on Sunday.

From the tongue-in-cheek department, the Lions in L.A.?

Cowboys coach Jerry Wade Jones Phillips says he doesn't expect Pacman Jones back with the Cowboys.

Instead of finishing with the usual NFL Notes, I just have one last thought:

A lot was made about how many bets were won and lost with that debacle in Pittsburgh on Sunday, and most of it was light-hearted, but I can't help but wonder this week how many rents didn't get paid, how many kids college funds took a hit, and how many limbs were broken, all on the turn of one bad call.

Look for me and the boys on Sunday at the game, we'll be the guys in Giants jerseys with beers in our hands.