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NFL Picks, Week 11 ... and the rest: 'Greek' says ...

Well, looks like my predictions on what people would be talking about today were a little better than my prediction for the game. Of course, I was blindsided by the adulation for both the Patriots team and Favre. I figured one or the other, but both? I guess the talking heads didn't want either gem to go to waste and not be seen ad nauseam by the entire world. Hopefully, the rest of this weeks picks work out better than Thursday.

Denver at Atlanta (-6.5)
Oakland at Miami (-10)
Baltimore (+7) at NY Giants
Houston (+8) at Indianapolis
Tennessee at Jacksonville (+3)
Chicago (+3.5) at Green Bay
Philadelphia at Cincinnati (+9)
New Orleans at Kansas City (+5)
Detroit at Carolina (-14)
Minnesota (+4) at Tampa Bay
St. Louis (+6.5) at San Francisco
Arizona at Seattle (+3)
San Diego (+5.5) at Pittsburgh
Dallas (-1.5) at Washington
Cleveland at Buffalo (-5)