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Does success = a Super Bowl title?

A question for you today, Big Blue View Nation. Have the New York Giants raised the bar so high that this season can only be considered a success if they win another Super Bowl?

The 8-1 Giants are clearly the best team in the NFC, and possibly the entire league. I don't want to get into a Tennessee vs. the Giants debate right.

This team appears to be better than the 2007 model which, of course, won a Super Bowl.

So, the question. Does the season have to end in a Super Bowl championship for it to be considered successful?

I sure hope not. I hope we as fans have not reached that George Steinbrenner-esque 'Nothing less than a World Series title is acceptable' attitude.

Don't get me wrong. I want to see it happen. The Giants are, obviously, capable of making it happen. Good health, some good luck along the way and the Giants could win back-to-back titles and stamp themselves as a historically good team.

That would be incredible.

There is no way, though, that I will call this team a 'failure' if that doesn't happen.

This is how I put it last week in my '5 Questions' segment with Bleeding Green Nation.

Fact is, I think the Giants are already successful no matter what happens from here on out. They have a Super Bowl title in their pocket. They have a quarterback who can lead them for the next 8-10 years. They have a great coach. They have a great GM. They have an abundance of young, talented players at almost every position. They are set up to be a force to be reckoned with around the league for the next several seasons. No matter how this season ends, that isn't going to change.

I will stand by that. The Giants, bickering underachievers just a couple of seasons ago, are now the league's model franchise.

There is envy of the stockpile of talent General Manager Jerry Reese has built. Coaches all around the league are following Tom Coughlin's lead and trying to build 'team before self' attitudes in their locker rooms. There is a deep, talented group of young players that will keep the Giants in contention for years to come.

So, yes, I want back-to-back titles. Desperately, to be honest. But, no way could I call this season a failure if it doesn't happen.