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Giants notes, 11.10.08

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Here is some reaction from Sunday night's New York Giants victory over Philadelphia.

  • Giants running back Brandon Jacobs learned a lesson from his hurdle that lead to a fumble.

"I will not ever leave the ground again," Jacobs said as if he were writing it on the chalkboard 100 times. "That's something I don't do."

On Saturday night, Coughlin stood before his team and delivered one of his patented motivational messages. According to two starters who asked not to be identified, Coughlin's exact wording was, "We are the big dogs."

He wanted to drive home the point that the Giants were in control of their destiny and any team wanting to make a playoff run in the second half will have to go through them.

He wanted to remind us that we could go 3-0 in the division," said one of the players. "And that they would be 0-3."

In the wake of Sunday's "narrow" win, it looks like the message definitely got through.

This is Giants football. They don't do a whole lot of fancy pants tricks and goofy formations. They wrap their hands around your throat and shake violently.

Giants 36, Eagles 31. Number of doubters: should be zero.

The Eagles fought back and mounted respectable resistance to an increasingly formidable juggernaut. They played hard, but were simply outmatched. They could have run the Wildcat, the Tomcat, the Alleycat ... even the Pussycat Doll and it wouldn't have mattered.

With apologies to Tennessee, the Titans aren't the best team in football. Who cares if they're undefeated? They play in the AFC South, which is the Sarah Palin of divisions. The Titans aren't in the same class as the Giants. New York's offense is far superior and its defense just as capable if not better than Tennessee's. Yes, better.

If you don't think the Giants are the best team in the NFL, you need a CAT scan, or at the very least, you must go watch more game film. The scary part is this team could end up being better than last year's Super Bowl team.

I think the Jeremy Shockey trade has worked out a whole lot better for the Giants than for the Saints ... and the Giants haven't even gotten anything yet. They'll have the Saints' two and five in next year's draft.