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New York Giants' notes, 10.09.08

Yahoo! Sports Wednesday asked the question no defensive player in the NFL wants to think about. What would it be like playing against the New York Giants if they let Brandon Jacobs carry the ball 30 or more times in a game?

Here is Justin Tuck's thought on that scenario.

“I look at it as, if he wasn’t on my football team and I had to play against him, I wouldn’t want him to get 30 carries. I already told him, if at anytime in our careers we’re not on the same team, the first time I have to hit him, I’m going to try to knock him out the game so I don’t have to deal with him. Every play after that, I’m going to be diving at his ankle. He’s as big as I am. Man, they don’t pay me enough for that.”

Here is Giants' running back Reuben Droughns considering the possibility.

“I know what you’re saying about letting him just have a whole game. We’re not going to do that here, but that would be special. You see how guys try to tackle him now. They might try to take him on once, but then they turn away, try to take him from the side or ride him out of bounds.

“A whole game like that? Beastly. The defense would probably quit. Guys would be asking out all game, like ‘I don’t want none of that.’ ”

Jacobs, 6-foot-5, 265 pounds, is averaging just 16 carries per game, but is 10th in the league 380 yards rushing. He averages 5.8 yards per carry.

With Derrick Ward (33, 217, 6.6) and Ahmad Bradshaw (18, 119, 6.6) the Giants don't have to depend solely on Jacobs. That will be better for them as the season wears on.

Still, though, it's kind of fun to think about what Jacobs could do to a defense given 30-35 carries.

  • The Giants have the best offensive line in football, according to Cold, Hard Football Facts Hog Index. In fact, according to this measurement the Giants average of 5.85 yards per rushing attempt thus far in 2008 is unprecedented. The 1963 Cleveland Browns -- yes, the Jim Brown Cleveland Browns -- are the standard-bearers at 5.74 YPA. With the brutal schedule they have the second half of the season the Giants won't stay at this lofty number, but it is fun to look at.
  • Here is Eli Manning's take on why the Giants offense has played so well through the first four games.

We have always had the ability to make big plays and we have always made big plays, but sometimes we had so many negative plays where we had penalties or we had just some bad football being played at times where the big plays kind of cancelled out the too many bad plays we had. It is just a matter of, hey, let’s just play consistent football, let’s play smart, let’s just kind of do what we are supposed to do and naturally those big plays will happen. We have athletes; we have good players, so those things are going to happen and we take advantage of those long runs or the long pass, but let’s not hurt ourselves also with the bad plays and try to force things when they are not there.

  • suggests that it is time for the Giants to tear up Eli's contract and sign him for the rest of his career.
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