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Wednesday Walk Around the NFL, 10-8

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Good Morning Giants fans, it's Wednesday, the Giants are 4-0, and it's time to take our weekly stroll around the league and talk about some of the stories making headlines across the NFL:

As a New York fan who does not live in the NY area, I have seen both sides of this argument. I lived in Phoenix for 7 years, and every year my friends and I would attend the Giants-Cardinals game, and we will do so again in November. In the old days, when the Cards still played at Sun Devil Stadium, the Cardinals rarely sold out, and when they did, it was because of a flood of opposing teams' fans, such as the Bears, Packers, Steelers, and Cowboys. Giants games at Sun Devil would normally draw around 40 to 45 thousand fans, with around 15K of those being Giants fans. We always sat behind the Giants bench, as did most of the Giants fans at the game, and it would always get the players pumped up to hear fans cheering for them in enemy territory. I am anxious to see the balance of fans at the game in November, as the Cards have been drawing in their new stadium, and this will be the Giants first regular season game there. You may remember the Giants did play a game in that stadium in February.

On the other side of it, nothing over the years has annoyed me more than to be at Giants Stadium, or to watch Giant home games on TV, and hear audible cheers from the crowd for the Cowboys or Eagles. You buy your season tickets, it is your right who you sell them to, but don't sell them to opposing team fans. Think of it this way: would you invite a Giants fan to your house to watch the Giants play the Cowboys, then invite 6 Cowboy fans over? So go ahead, sell your tickets, but sell them to a Giants fan, there are plenty who would love to by them.

Lastly, if you are a Cardinals fan, and have tickets for the Cardinals-Giants game in November that you want to sell, let me know, my friends and I need tickets.