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Knock off the crap, guys

I hate to act like Big Brother, and I hate to take away from the merriment following Sunday's thrashing of Seattle, but I have to address some of what went on between fans of this site and members of 'Field Gulls' for the past few days.

Since this site began I have asked members of Big Blue View Nation to act with class. If you want to comment, have something of quality to say -- and keep it civil.

That did not happen the past few days, and I'm not happy about it. If you want to go to an opponent's site and comment, fine, I have no problem with that. But, if you go there looking for a fight, trying to antagonize or rub it in I won't defend you. I don't tolerate fans of other sites acting like that here, and I won't tolerate you guys going to other sites and intentionally pissing people off.

A couple of you -- and you know who you are -- went over the line the past few days. Knock it off!

If you want to comment on another site, follow 'SBaker's' lead. Be friendly, offer a reasonable discussion and behave. Remember, you represent this site when you go to other blogs as a Giants fan.

This has always been a friendly, classy site. I want it to stay that way.


Here is some post-game reaction:

  • Seahawks' coach Mike Holmgren was impressed by the Giants, as well he should have been. "Well, that was what we call a good old-fashioned you-know-what. I believe we’re a better football team than that, but give the Giants credit. ... They got us pretty good. They’re a talented team, and they got rolling and we couldn’t stop them."
  • Seattle linebacker Lofa Tatupu praised the Giants' offensive line. "I think you guys have to start looking at what that offensive line is doing, rather than just giving him (Brandon Jacobs) all the praise. He’s a very good running back in terms of his size and his speed, but they are opening some pretty big holes for him."