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Giants as Halloween characters


Today is Halloween, so let's have a little fun. Let's throw out some thoughts on who various members of the Giants should be if they were to go out trick-or-treating this evening.


  • Eli Manning has to be .... Superman. The miraculous throw to David Tyree. The fourth-quarter wizardry that is becoming part of his lore. Besides, it gives me a chance to link to this fabulous Ryan Parker song about about Eli.
  • Plaxico Burress should be ... The Riddler. That's because the star Giants wide receiver is so damn confusing no one can figure him out.


  • Brandon Jacobs would be ... The Incredible Hulk. There is no one quite like the bruising Giants running back.
  • Kevin Boss would be ... The Big Bossman from WWF glory. Who else could he be?


  • Justin Tuck would be 'The Thing,' the impenetrable, super-strong, super hero from 'Fantastic Four.'
  • Ahmad Bradshaw would be comic book super hero 'Plastic Man.' Going a bunch of different directions at one time, and impossible to pin down.


  • Uncle Fester would be Giants' kicker John Carney. Or, is it Carney who should be Uncle Fester?
  • Derrick Ward would have to be ... Robin. He's definitely the understudy, and since 'Hulk' doesn't have an understudy Batman's wing man was the best I could do.


  • Steve Spagnuolo has to be ... The Mad Scientist. The superb defensive coordinator has tons of tools at his disposal, and he cooks up lots of intriguing ways to use them.
  • Jeff Feagles would have to be ... Moses. That's because he's been around since pretty much the beginning of time. Wasn't it a Feagles punt that parted the Red Sea? 'Kudos' to 'jrs' for coming up with that one.
  • Lawrence Tynes would be .... Wally Pipp. I don't know what he would use for a costume. Maybe just not showing up would do the trick.


  • Tom Coughlin would be ... Obi Wan Kenobe. He is the Giants hard-nosed old wise man. He has been through the wars and now he is better for it.
  • Andre Woodson would be ... a yo-yo. The rookie quarterback keeps getting yanked on and off the team's practice squad.


  • Mathias Kiwanuka would be ... Batman. He is always swooping in, spreading his wings and spoiling the party for the opposition.
  • Amani Toomer would be ... an Eveready battery. He just keeps going, and going, and going.


  • James Butler would be ... Inspector Clouseau. He screws up all the time, but everything always seems to turn out just fine in the end.
  • Steve Smith has to be ... Ozzie Smith. He's about the same size, and they both catch everything.


  • Jerry Reese would be ... Gandalf. He is, we know, a personnel wizard.

I'm sure you guys have your own thoughts on this subject. Feel free to have some fun with it.

Oh, and 'Kudos' to my buddy Chris for the Photoshop work on some of the images.