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5 Questions with Mike Garafolo

Star-Ledger New York Giants beat writer Mike Garafolo took a few minutes out of his busy schedule this week to answer some of my questions. If you aren't reading MG's stuff, you should be.

Anyway, here is my interview with Mike. Enjoy!

1. BBV: The Plaxico Burress situation. I'm not worried about the short-term implications. Do you see any long-term implications, either with Burress' relationship with the Giants or the 'team above self' philosophy Tom Coughlin has instilled in this team?

MG: I don't see any long-term issues with regard to the entire team. In fact, the suspension was enforced to ensure the team would continue to buy into Coughlin's philosophy. But I do wonder about the long-term effect it'll have on Burress and on his relationship with Coughlin. Burress is an extremely prideful guy, so I can only wonder if the embarrassment of this situation will cause Burress to be even more distant or aloof toward his coach than he had been in the past. It won't affect him on the field. That much I know. But I'm thinking there could be some off-field issues that pop up. We'll see.

2. BBV: Anything, or anyone, really surprise you through the first three games?

MG: Corey Webster has been awesome through the first couple of games. I wasn't sure who we saw in the postseason - a mirage or the real Webster - and thought we would see a little of the new and old Webster. But the old one appears to have left town because I'm seeing a cornerback that's smart, savvy, polished and athletic - everything the Giants hoped he would be. With every one of these games in which he plays solid coverage, his price goes up. It'll be an interesting situation when free agency approaches for Webster.

3. BBV: I watched the Cincinnati game and thought that, before the post-season run last season, it is the type of game the Giants would have lost. Do you agree or disagree with that?

MG: Absolutely agree. But what's different about this team in my eyes is the offense. There are just so many weapons at Eli Manning's disposal that it seems there's no chance the offense can remain in a funk for an entire game. Eventually, somebody's going to get open, somebody's going to make a play. I don't believe they had that in the past and that's why they lost those kinds of games. You were always waiting for them to snap out of it and they never did. Now, they do.

4. BBV: John Carney or Lawrence Tynes? Why?

MG: Tynes. There's a reason they've kept him around instead of throwing him on IR. They like his leg, they like his attitude and they love his swagger. Don't get me wrong, Carney has been excellent. But a healthy Tynes is their best option.

5. BBV: Do you prefer blogging or writing for the print edition? Why?

MG: Wow, toughest question of 'em all. This isn't a copout, but I like them both. The beauty of the blog is there's unlimited space and a chance to get news out there pronto. Plus, it's like free-form radio back in the '70s: anything goes and each blogger does it his way. Of course, on a busy day, writing for the paper becomes simply recapping what you've already blogged all day long. That's when the paper stuff becomes an annoyance. But the beauty of the paper is you still have to craft a story, you still get to write something analytical and present it in a familiar package for the reader. Not that you can't do it in a blog, just that it doesn't often work that way. The best move is to figure out a way to incorporate newspaper writing, format and features into online content. That's a battle we fight every day and we continue to work on it.

Thanks, Mike! That's great stuff. If you want to keep up with the Giants on a daily basis, there is no better way than checking out what MG has to say every day.