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New York Giants' notebook, 10.03.08

So, still wondering who would step up as a leader on the New York Giants defense -- on the field and off -- with Michael Strahan gone? Try Justin Tuck, who is playing at a Pro Bowl level -- and seemingly taking charge in the locker room.

Listen to what Tuck had to say about the Plaxico Burress suspension.

"I can't speak for Plaxico, but as a team it's indicative of our coaches trying to make a statement as far as every guy on this football team is equal and I think [Tom Coughlin] got his point across. I hope he got his point across."

No excuses for Burress. No questioning the decision to suspend. Just a finger pointed directly at Burress for messing up.

Leadership like that is a primary reason why I don't believe the Burress situation will fracture the 'team above self' commitment the Giants have made.

  • Without Burress, both Sinorice Moss and Mario Manningham are likely to get some playing time. Both say they are ready.

"This is my opportunity," Moss said Wednesday.

"I'm ready to go out there and make plays and help my team win," Manningham said Thursday.

NOTE: Special treat this afternoon. I have a '5 Questions' for you with Star-Ledger Giants writer Mike Garafolo -- for my money the best of the beat writers. So, be sure to stop back.