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A look at Sunday's Giants-Seahawks matchup

OK, gang. We are going to move on today from Thursday's contentious debate with Field Gulls.

There will be no '5 Questions' segment this week. Considering the 'antagonized' climate, Field Gulls blogger John Morgan and I agreed last night that swapping questions would be relatively pointless.

Let me say this. I disagreed, strongly, with Morgan's assessment of the Giants. I do, though, respect the fact that he takes his work seriously and puts a lot of time into what he does. So, let's agree to disagree about the Giants and leave each other alone.

You guys know I usually don't do those 'in-depth analysis of the opposition' type posts. I would rather spend my time discussing whatever is going on around the Giants than pouring over stats and trying to figure out what will happen -- which is pretty much impossible, anyway.

With that said, let's take a stab at some thoughts about Sunday's matchup with the Seahawks.

The 3-0 Giants are touchdown favorites and should win this game. We said pretty much the same thing a couple of weeks ago when the Giants hosted Cincinnati, a game the Giants had to work much harder to win than we all hoped.

The Seahawks come into the game 1-2, including what I would consider a bad loss to the 49ers. They also lost to 4-0 Buffalo, and there is no shame in that. The Bills look like a quality team. Yes, 'Greek,' I noticed!

By just about any statistical measure the Giants look like the better team. Offense, defense, special teams, team efficiency. Go to Football Outsiders, slice the stats pretty much any way you want, and the Giants come out ahead.

That doesn't mean much of anything when it comes to Sunday, though.

There are unquestionably some things that worry me about this week's game.

  • I do worry about the impact of Plaxico Burress' suspension on the Giants' passing game. I think the Giants will be fine, but it is something to consider.
  • I do worry about the fact that the Seahawks are getting all of their wide receivers back this week.
  • I do worry about the Giants adjusting to the way Cincinnati exploited their blitzing schemes with short routes that exposed the Giants' corners.
  • I do worry about Mathias Kiwanuka's ability to be effective matched up against Walter Jones.
  • I do worry about the playmakers on Seattle's defense, including linebackers Julian Peterson and Lofa Tatupa and cornerback Marcus Trufant.
  • I do worry that the Seahawks, perennial champs in the NFC West, are due for a really solid game.
  • I do worry about the Giants' propensity to play poorly after a bye week.

I am not worrying about what happens if the Seahawks do shut down Brandon Jacobs, as Field Gulls thinks they will. We know that Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw provide different styles, and someone from the 'Earth Wind & Fire' trio will find holes to run through.

I am also not worrying about the lack of turnovers created so far by the Giants defense. Keep pressuring the passer and tipping passes, and turnovers will come.

The Giants should be able to move the ball well enough even without Burress. They simply have too many weapons, and too good an offensive line, not to. Defensively, I don't see that Seattle has the huge play-making threats that would scare me.

I think the Giants will win. In fact, I said in the New York Times recently that I thought it was possible the Giants could head to a mid-season meeting with Dallas at 7-0. Not trying to jinx them, but I believe that. Then again, maybe they put up a stinker this week and the Seahawks pull the upset. Who knows? That's the beauty of the NFL. You just never know.

We will just have to wait until Sunday and see what happens.