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Eerily quiet so far this week

Am I the only one who thinks it has been kinda weird around here so far this week?

The Giants are playing Dallas this week, right? Or, can I not read the schedule?

Veteran readers of this site know where I am going with this. Here at Big Blue View we have a rather heated history of jousting with some members of Blogging the Boys, the Dallas Cowboys community here at SBN.

I know the Giants are on top right now, and we are of course happy about that. I expected some of the Cowboy faithful to come by this week and at least bring some bravado, some 'it looks bad now, but we will still come out on top' smack talk.

Shoot, I even had a 'behave yourselves when the Cowboy trolls come calling' post all written for when the ugly smack talk started.

And ... and ... and ... nothing. I have been looking for comments from Dallas faithful ... nothing. I have been checking site stats to see if we have been getting visitors from BTB ... barely any.

I hate to say it, but I'm almost disappointed.

Our old nemesis Terry did stop by and drop the following un-Terry like comment in a Fan Post.

... My Boys are a M.A.S.H unit and as long as we don’t get blown out by 3 or more TDs I’ll be happy.

I’m a homer but to think the Cowboys have a shot without Romo, F Jones, Kosier, possibly Witten, Spencer, Henry and Newman is just insane. The Giants would have to gift wrap the game to us which I seriously doubt will happen.

If you think I am trying to stir up something here, that's far from the truth. I bring this up because all of this quiet, this assumption that Dallas has no chance Sunday, scares me. I am not buying it.

I know the Cowboys are beat up and that things have not gone well for them so far this season. I know we have poked some fun at some of the problems Jerry Jones and company have experienced.

Let's be realistic, though. The Cowboys are 5-3, and still very much in the thick of the race for a playoff berth.

Tony Romo is hurt. There seems to be a tug of war between supporters of Brad Johnson and Brooks Bollinger over who should replace him. The secondary has been decimated by injuries and Pacman-itis. Now, stellar tight end Jason Witten has a fractured rib, though he seems likely to try and play.

Terrell Owens, of course, is not happy. I have an idea. Maybe Dallas should use the 'Wildcat' and snap the ball to T.O. on every play. At least then he couldn't complain that he didn't handle the ball enough.

Seriously, I don't want to poke fun at the Cowboys here. Beaten up or not, struggling or not, I still have respect for the talent on that football team.

The Cowboys are wounded, both physically with injuries and emotionally from all the distractions they have dealt with this season. Make no mistake, though, they are still very dangerous.

Owens and Roy Williams are a dynamic pair of receivers, and Witten is a great tight end.

DeMarcus Ware and Zach Thomas still lead an imposing front seven for the Cowboys on the defensive side of the ball.

The Giants should win Sunday. They are in their own building, the Cowboys are not at full strength, and this appears to be the Giants time.

Don't take a win Sunday for granted, though. I would expect the Cowboys to play like a desperate, proud team, which will make Sunday another test of will for our boys in blue.

Let's just hope Terry and friends still don't have anything to crow about come Sunday night.