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New York Giants notes, 10.24.08


With everything that has been going on, we haven't done a New York Giants notebook in a couple of days. There have been some interesting things happening, so let's try to catch up.

  • It seems Plaxico Burress has a stiff neck. Not to be trite, but I wonder if he got that picking up the phone to call the Giants offices.
  • The Giants dropped QB Andre Woodson, a sixth-round draft pick, from the practice squad this week. That means they have just two quarterbacks. I wonder when Jared Lorenzen will be getting a call.
  • After missing last week's game, Antonio Pierce appears ready to go.
  • The Giants offense knows Pittsburgh's defense presents a formidable challenge. I can't wait for this matchup, personally.
  • David Tyree has a hamstring injury. The severity is unknown, but it sure seems like might be a lost season for our Super Bowl hero.