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What a surprise, Jeremy Shockey is frustrated, angry, and hurt

This story just came over the wire about Jeremy Shockey, and it was too good to keep until the "Wednesday Walk".

Shockey rips Saints about injury care

A quote from the UpTight End Himself:

"I'm worried that this thing could have been taken care of in camp, like it should have been," said Shockey, who the Saints acquired from the New York Giants in July for two draft picks. "If it wasn't misdiagnosed in camp like it was there'd have been no problems. ... Next time I know. When I get hurt I'll get three or four opinions besides just the team's."

I'm starting to think that even if the Giants said "pass" when its time to use the 2nd rounder they got from the Saints, they got the better of the deal.

I now return you to the enjoyment of the Giants win, first place in the NFC East, the Cowboys crushing loss in St. Louis (snicker), and the Jets losing in Oakland. (That game had me looking for the "Heidi" DVD).