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Touring SB Nation, 10.18.08


Let's go Touring SB Nation this morning, a chilly fall day here in the Northeast.

  • Pride of Detroit is wondering if coach Rod Marinelli should have a future with the Lions. Umm, I'd say he probably won't. He was hired by Matt Millen, and I would think Detroit will try to erase that bad memory.
  • Buc 'Em is wondering if there will be a move in Jon Gruden's future.
  • Cat Scratch Reader defends Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers. Sort of.
  • Niners Nation says DVOA is not kind to the San Francisco 49ers.
  • The Phinsider says Brandon London, released by the Giants before the season, might soon find himself getting regular playing time with the Miami Dolphins. Good for him. London is a talented guy who would have made the Giants roster if there hadn't been such a glut at the wide receiver position.
  • Mile High Report has more from the loose lips of Bronco quarterback Jay Cutler. First, Cutler was saying he has a better arm than John Elway did. Now, he's trashing San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers. Did this guy learn media relations from Ryan Leaf?
  • Mocking the Draft takes a look at the single wing offense.