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New York Giants notes, 10.15.08

New York Giants players like Brandon Jacobs and Justin Tuck have said they think Monday's loss to Cleveland will do the team good.

Sporting News columnist Vinnie Iyer has expressed the same opinion.

A loss out of the division isn’t the worst thing at this point, to keep them from being complacent with still five division games to go. They are still in first place as the only NFC team with just one loss.

The Giants were humbled, but it should make them sharpen their focus as they enter a seven-game stretch that includes the Cowboys, Redskins and Eagles, as well as two more tough road games at Pittsburgh and Arizona. And remember New York’s moxie in the face of losses—how the Giants roared back after starting 0-2 last season, and how they built confidence to handle the Patriots in the Super Bowl after falling to them in Week 17.

The Browns got a huge win on Monday night. But in the long run, it may turn out to be a more beneficial loss to the Giants to keep their Super Bowl edge during the toughest part of their schedule.

It's human nature to start believing your press clippings. The Giants simply need to come back strong on Sunday.

"I'm shocked," he said in an exclusive interview with "It didn't make sense not to do this deal. It's winding down for me and this team is rebuilding. If they said from the get-go, 'No, we're not going to trade you,' that would've been better than how this whole thing unfolded. But that's not what happened."

It would have been nice to see Gonzalez in blue. I feel bad for him now, because it is obviously a situation neither he nor the Chiefs can find comfortable.