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Wednesday Walk Around The NFL 10-15


Good Morning Giants fans, Wednesday has arrived, and hopefully you're close to getting over Monday night's debacle. So let's take a look at some stories making headlines around the NFL:

  • You guys are going to love this one: Deion Sanders was on NFL Network yesterday, and he says DigDug's punishment is too severe.
  • We're going to finish today with a couple of stories about the "Tuck Rule", and some commentary on NFL refereeing in general.
  • John Czarnecki of Fox Sports talks about the tuck rule, and also about the ridiculous "offsides" penalty at the end of the Cowboys-Cardinals game Sunday.
  • The Sacramento Bee asks: if a QB isn't passing, how can a fumble be an incomplete pass?

The "tuck rule" is what it is, all we can hope for is that the league will realize what a flawed rule this is and change it at some point. I was more annoyed at the call on the Travis Leboy near the end of the game. Why weren't the Cardinals granted an injury timeout? And what was the review all about? That must have been some review, considering you couldn't see Leboy in the TV picture, because he was so far away from the play laying on the ground writhing in pain being offsides. If the refs had reviewed the play, and found that he was really hurt, and ruled in the Cardinals favor, would Leboy's still be injured?