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TC admits Eli is hurting

Thanks a lot, Shaun Rogers!

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin admitted today there is some concern about Eli Manning after he was driven into the ground by Rogers, Cleveland's 4-zillion pound lineman, Monday night.

He got hit and then he was driven into the ground. His chest was bothering him after the game, so he was in some pain there, but I don’t have any information other than that today. He was in the training room and we will see. ...

From time to time obviously throughout anybody’s career that plays that position, you are going to have some things that don’t allow you to perform at your best. Injuries do occur, I don’t know whether this is or not, I know Eli has played very well with… if it is soreness or that type of thing I am sure that will be something that he will be able to go ahead and practice and play with, but we will see. As I said, I don’t have a lot of information right now.

Hopefully, Eli is OK. Let this be a reminder, though, that we shouldn't gloat when other team's stars (yes, Tony Romo) get hurt. It can happen to us, too.