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New York Giants' notebook, 10.01.08

There is an interesting article in Newsday today in which Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and members of his unit are wondering if they have begun to tip off opposing offenses.

Here is Justin Tuck.

"When you get to go back and look at film from the view of your opponent, you're going to see some things where you are kind of tipping your hand. We got to him early; they made some adjustments. The things we got home with early, they did a good job of picking them up [later in the game]."

Here is Spagnuolo's thought on the subject.

"There is a lot of film of our defense now out there and there are some smart offensive coaches. They start to pick up little things and we have to be a little bit of a step ahead of that. We've added some things this week that hopefully do that, but you have to stay ahead of the curve and maybe it is time to shift a little bit that way."

Spagnuolo is a terrific coordinator. I would think the Giants will present a few different looks Sunday against Seattle.