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Future looks bright for Giants

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Paul Schwartz of the New York Daily News says that win or lose on Sunday, the New York Giants have already had a successful season.

I completely agree. Don't get me wrong, I would love to knock the Cowboys off Sunday and quiet some of their overzealous fans, but if it doesn't happen I am not going to moan and groan about how this team didn't accomplish as much as it should have.

The way the Giants are playing right now, there could still be more victories in store. Yet, this season has already been much better than many thought it would be.

Schwartz puts it this way.

If, sometime Monday morning, reality sets in that the season is indeed over and vacation time is upon the Giants, there will be no shortage of winners employed at Giants Stadium.

Tom Coughlin will be presented with a fat new contract - no negotiations until after the season - that could secure his services until he's 64 years old, making this his last job before retirement. Eli Manning salvaged a difficult statistical campaign with strong work when his team needed it most. Jerry Reese, the first-year general manager, in an understated way began building a team to his liking.

Franchise stability is not only assured, but pieces might be in place for an extended run of contention, with several intriguing first-year players (Aaron Ross, Ahmad Bradshaw, Kevin Boss, maybe even Steve Smith) joining talented young vets (Justin Tuck, Brandon Jacobs, Chris Snee, David Diehl and possibly Gerris Wilkinson and Corey Webster) to form a solid growth nucleus.

So, root like crazy for the Giants to stick it to the Cowboys on Sunday. But remember that the world won't end if the Giants don't win.

The future appears bright for this franchise.

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