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Spagnuolo a candidate for Atlanta job?

Here is today's Jessica Simpson Photo of the Day.
As 'potroast' correctly pointed out in a diary entry Tuesday, Giants' defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is among the candidates to become head coach in Atlanta.

If you were reading the news, a couple of other members of the Giants' organization were also mentioned as candidates for other key jobs.

ESPN is reporting that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is a possible replacement for June Jones at Hawaii.

In a somewhat surprising development, Chris Mara has interviewed with Atlanta for that team's vacant general manager job. Mara is currently vice president of player evaluation with the Giants -- whatever that is.

This is the kind of thing that begins to happen when other people realize you have a good team and a quality organization. They start to come after your people. So, though the Giants don't want to lose anybody have to take this as a complement.

The biggest loss to the Giants would, of course, be Spagnuolo. In his first year as defensive coordinator, Spags has transformed an ineffective unit into an attacking, aggressive team with the league's best pass rush.

Watch Spagnuolo work, and watch his defense perform, and you know he has future head coach written all over him.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News theorizes that there are a lot of things working in Spagnuolo's favor if he is interested in the Atlanta job.

Gilbride is replaceable, but if General Manager Jerry Reese thinks Spagnuolo is a serious candidate in Atlanta he needs to fight to keep him. That might mean a contract similar to the one Gregg Williams has been operating under in Washington -- a big-money deal that assures him serious consideration for the head-coaching job when it becomes available.

All I know is the job done by Spagnuolo was one of the key reasons for the Giants' success this season. Losing him would be a devastating blow.