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Gibbs going out on his own terms

Just a little bit more reflection here on Joe Gibbs' announcement that he is resigning as coach and team president of the Washington Redskins.

I was a college student at the University of Maryland during part of Gibbs' first tenure with the Redskins, and I have always thought of him as a class act.

I could hate Jimmy Johnson. I can hate Bill Belichick. I can never have anything but respect for the way Gibbs has carried himself and gone about his business, especially this season with the way he rallied his team after the murder of Sean Taylor.

Gibbs went out on his own terms to help his family through a crisis of its own. His sense of family and priority adds to my respect for the Hall of Fame coach.

My buddy Rick Snider, who has been covering professional sports in the DC area since he and I were at Maryland together in the late '70s, echoed that sentiment.

"Good for Joe. He's following his heart instead of his head. Gibbs wanted to stay. His family wanted him to retire. The grandson has cancer. Joe's health isn't great and he's 67. Gibbs did everything he wanted -- to return the team to the playoffs. He never promised a Super Bowl. Now it's time to go while the getting is still good."

By the way, kudos to Rick for predicting Gibbs would leave the Redskins in a DC Examiner column written before the news broke.

Gibbs finishes his career with 171 victories, three Super Bowl titles and two playoff appearances in the last three seasons.

Enjoy your retirement, Joe. You have earned it.