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The 'other' Barber takes a shot at the Giants

Now that I have gotten my days of the week straightened out, here's another bonus Buccaneer cheerleader for you.
Let's look around and catch up on what is being written and said in other places about this weekend's Giants-Tampa Bay Buccaneers playoff matchup.

• Apparently, Ronde Barber of the Buccaneers has been infected by his brother's inability to keep his mouth shut. Ronde has provided the Giants with some bulletin board material.

Here is what he said during his weekly Sirius radio show he hosts with Tiki.

"Of course we want to play the Giants. They [win] ugly, Shockey's hurt and Eli has been inconsistent."

The Giants weren't silent about the slight.

"Typical Barbers," said Antonio Pierce, who has taken issue with some of Tiki's shots at his old team this season. "I think it's beautiful. We like being known as the one team that shouldn't be here. Maybe we'll go out on Sunday and play different than what people think is usual for us."

Oh, boy! In case you didn't think there was some bad blood between the Barbers and the Giants I'd say that confirms it.

• Wherever the Giants go in the playoffs, Jeff Garcia always seems to show up. New York Times

• Practice? Who needs practice? Apparently, Plaxico Burress does, since he made another appearance on the field during the Giants' workout Wednesday. The Blue Screen

• Giants want Brandon Jacobs to bowl over the Buccaneers. New York Post

• Buccaneers are well rested. New York Times