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Top 10 things that should happen to Ronde Barber

We more or less opened the 'what would you like to see happen to Ronde Barber Sunday' can of worms during Thursday's discussion of his inflammatory comments about the Giants.

So, here is a Top 10 list of things I would like to see happen to Barber. I'm sure I don't have to encourage you to add a few of your own.

10. Gets burned for a touchdown by Sinorice Moss. THAT would be embarrassing.

9. Intercepts an Eli pass, only to be tackled by Eli and fumble the ball back to the Giants. The Barber fumbling issue strikes again!

8. Gets dragged about 10 yards while trying to tackle Kevin Boss.

7. Suffers a broken jaw requiring his mouth to be wired shut when pancaked by Madison Hedgecock.

6. Collides with cornerback Brian Kelly while trying to make a play, knocking both Tampa Bay cornerbacks out of the game.

5. With Eli scrambling, Barber comes up to make the tackle. Instead of sliding, Eli stiff arms Barber, drops him to the ground, screams "how's that for leadership?" at him and gains 10 more yards.

4. Tries foolishly to tackle Brandon Jacobs, gets demolished, crawls bleeding to the sideline and announces he is retiring immediately to host a cooking show.

3. Giants put 375-pound Manny Wright on offense for one play, and use him to squash Barber into the Raymond James Stadium turf.

2. Pulls up lame trying to chase down Plaxico Burress after Burress blows past him for a 75-yard touchdown reception.

1. Gives up the game-winning touchdown reception, no matter who he is covering.