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Coughlin: Nobody remembers Super Bowl loser

Finishing our 'Weekend with Gisele,' here is today's offering.
Tom Coughlin has pushed lots of right buttons this seasons, delivering messages his players have taken to heart.

Now, TC is telling the Giants they had better be in it to win it, when it comes to Sunday's Super Bowl.

"It helps to get us to focus what the main thing is: You're not going out there just to play a game, you're going out there to win a game," said David Tyree. "We've had the wisdom of (Michael) Strahan and (Amani) Toomer, who have been there before, to express to us who haven't been there before that it really [stinks] to lose it. It's really nice, all the hoopla that goes along with going, but when you lose, it completely deflates your bubble. We going down there with a humble mentality. We know what we're up against. We're going out to Arizona to win a game."

Injured players Rich Seubert and Kevin Dockery both practiced Saturday.

Super Giants' fan Carl was interviewed by Sporting News Radio Saturday. Of course, he's picking the Giants.

Peyton Manning showers his brother with praise.

Corey Webster has turned his career around during the playoffs.