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Five questions with Rick Snider

If you have been regularly visiting Big Blue View for a while, you have seen me mention Rick Snider a few times.

Rick is a veteran NFL writer and an old friend who has covered a half-dozen Super Bowls. He has agreed to share some of his experiences with us in our traditional 'Five Questions' format.

This is not straight Giants' stuff. I'm hoping Rick's insights give you a little flavor into Super Bowl week, the events surrounding the game and what it is like to be there.

Big Blue View: Of the six Super Bowls you have covered which was your favorite? Which did you dislike the most? Why?

Rick Snider: Your first Super Bowl is always special and that it involved my hometown Washington Redskins made it even more so. OK, it was in Minnesota and I had to stay a half-hour away and even shovel snow, but covering your own team winning a Super Bowl is always fun. Dislike? None of them. The Super Bowl is a terrific event to cover. Every day brings great things and you get to see all these movie stars and singers and such. It is the best perk in the business.

BBV: Explain the Media Day madness, if you can. Do the regular members of the media, especially the beat writers, get anything useful accomplished that day?

RS: Actually, it is a very productive day. It's not as crazy as it's portrayed. Yes, there are the zanies running around looking for attention, but the real football writers barely notice them. We get two hours with players and that's a long, long time compared to most events. The players also can't hide. They have to stand there and talk to you for maybe the only time all year. It's a lot of fun. Man, I sound like some schoolboy, but the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby have always been my favorite events to cover.

BBV: What is one of the craziest things you've seen during Super Bowl week? I'm looking for something that has nothing to do with the game itself.

RS: Aerosmith coming to the press room for advance publicity on the halftime show absolutely smashed. How cool is that -- to see rock gods totally blitzed and talking to them. The halftime publicity presser is always the best event. I've seen Paul McCartney, N'Sync, Gloria Estefan and others from just a few feet away.

BBV: Is there one game highlight you witnessed that stands out in your mind?

RS: I covered "The Drive" by Elway in the AFC Championship. That's not a Super Bowl, but the most famous event I witnessed and I was on the sidelines. Kinda cool to see history that close. But for Super Bowls, maybe the three straight kickoff returns for touchdowns between Baltimore and New York.

BBV: Looking at this year's matchup, do you give the Giants a legitimate shot at pulling off the upset? Or, will the Patriots just steamroll their way to perfection?

RS: I covered the Patriots first Super Bowl victory over St. Louis when New England was a 14-point dog, so why shouldn't New York have a legitimate chance? Upsets happen. New York has earned respect with 10 straight road wins. Beating Green Bay in -24 wind chill means they can do anything. If Eli Manning can deliver another big game, this will be a great one to watch.

Thanks for the help, Rick. Great stuff.

[NOTE: Rick Snider has covered sports for 30 years, including the NFL for 25 seasons, and is the Washington Examiner columnist at