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Bad news for the Giants?

If you believe in the SI Cover Jinx then the issue of Sports Illustrated that hits newsstands today is bad news for the Giants.

As you can see, Eli Manning is this week's cover boy. Great honor? Yes. Bad omen? Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see.

Now let's look around and see what else is being written and said.

Tiki Barber (remember him?) says he has no regrets about retiring even though the Giants have reached the Super Bowl. "I was done with football," Barber said. The Blue Screen

Where did this come from? Ex-Giants coach Jim Fassel, who took the team to the 2000 Super Bowl, has had two interviews with the Washington Redskins and could be named head coach as early as today. That's a stunner. I thought Fassel would never get another NFL head coaching job. Pro Football Talk

About that boot. New England quarterback Tom Brady apparently has a high-ankle sprain. Pro Football Talk