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What others are saying

Let's take a look around and see what is being written about the Super Bowl-bound New York Giants.'s Peter King had some interesting comments in his Monday Morning Quarterback column.

Here are a couple.

You're not going to see two more disciplined teams at this time of year than the Patriots and the Giants, and it's a direct reflection of their coaches.


We can roll our eyes at the control Belichick and Coughlin exert over their teams, and we can seem sure that without independent thinkers like Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey and Drew Bledsoe around either team's locker room that it's going to be easier to stay singularly focused. Maybe. But I do know this: The Patriots have bought into Belichick and the Giants, now, have bought into the Coughlin way.

"He's great to me, and he's great for me,'' said Giants running back Brandon Jacobs. "He's one hell of a coach. He treats me like a man. He gets us prepared for everything. What it comes down to with coach is he just wants you to be good. He's going to cut out all the things that take away from your chances to be good."

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Despite misses, Tynes was confident on final kick.

Finally, I have to add this clip below. It's been sent to me by a couple of readers.