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Cowboys' fans still whining

I couldn't help myself this morning. I went looking over at SB Nation's Packers blog, Acme Packing Company, and discovered that as of yet there have been no posts regarding last night's game.

So, I wandered over to Blogging The Boys to see how Cowboys' fans were dealing with the hated Giants reaching the Super Bowl.

Let's just say they aren't taking it well. 'DHalprin,' the fine Cowboys blogger, is encouraging his readers to root for the Giants in the Super Bowl -- and many of his readers aren't taking kindly to that.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments on BTB.

"I'm getting sick of the Eli manning coming of age love-fest! I won't watch the SB cause we're so much better than the gints....It shoulda been us....but now we'll have to all listen to how great Sheli is and stupid comments from strahan for the next two weeks...wake me up before the draft...LOL"



"The best team doesn't always win its the team that plays the best on that given day. There is no way the Giants are a better team than the Cowboys, nor the Packers for that matter, its just that they played better than those teams when they played them."



"What? Wow, I've been going to this site for 4 years now, and have never had the inclination to post a comment. But, having Grizz cheer for Eli... man that is depressing. I hate... HATE the Patriots, but cheering for Eli would be like ripping my own soul out. I ask for sense. You NEVER... NEVER cheer for the Giants, Redskins, or Eagles. If you do you... hell I don't know, but it just doesn't seem right. I defer to Bob Sturm on the Ticket who argues that you can never ever... ever go for your rivals. F- the NFC East BS, Eli is a douche who cannot win a Super Bowl. Go (swallowing my own vomit) Patriots."



"It will be useless to root for the Giants. I forsee the biggest blowout in SB history in 2 weeks, when the Giants lucky run comes to an embarassing halt. Giants aren't even close to being the best team in the NFC. They faced a very average Bucs team and both the Cowboys and Pack played very poor games against them. Giants will get crushed by the Pats and Eli's pysche will be ruined forever."



"Go Giants??? No Cowboy fan will bring himself to utter the words GO GIANTS! Are you kidding me! Don't root for anyone, or root for the hated Patriots even before rooting for the Giants to win a game, never mind the Super Bowl. Never in a million years will I root for that team. Represent the NFC? Isn't that cute! What the hell does that even mean? C'mon, gimme a break here. I root for no one if I even watch this nightmare of a game. Thanks Favre for going into a shell. He wanted no part of that weather last night. He should retire after that stinker!"


Listening to Cowboys' fans continue to whine makes Sunday night's victory even sweeter. No matter what happens in the Super Bowl, the fact that the Giants have wrecked the off-season for many Cowboys' fans is gratifying enough.