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Coughlin's press conference covers wide range of topics

Here are a couple of snippets from Tom Coughlin's press conference Monday.

How do you prepare a team for very cold conditions?

I don't know what kind of preparation you would have for Buffalo or for some of those weather games that we have had. We just have to focus on the game, on the plan, on the execution of our plan, and if we have to do some things if we catch a day where we can be outside when it is chilly with snow around then that would be fine, and if we can't, we have to just mentally prepare ourselves for it and go play in it.

People think of Lambeau Field as a very special place to play football. Is that a feeling that you share?

No question if you are a historian you have to kind of feel that way about Lambeau Field or Green Bay or whatever, but we try to keep everything in perspective in terms of next game, next opponent. I don't know that I will spend a lot of time thinking about the historical significance right now rather than just trying to come to grips with looking at a Green Bay team at one point in the season that we played against and lost to and then over the course of the season where are they? Where are we? How do we match up? We will spend all our time trying to figure out how we can play a team that had a very, very successful playoff game last weekend.

Can you comment on what the last three weeks have really meant for Eli Manning and your team's growth?

The way that he has played, the way that he has led, the way that he has performed, the poise, the taking care of the football, the critical ways in which he has led his team to points when we had to have points, the times when the game was literally on the line and he has had to make plays and he has. How he has focused and how his teammates have responded to that focus, these are all very, very good things. As I have said before now, very timely.

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