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Storylines I'm already tired of

Here are five New York Giants-Green Bay Packers story lines I am already tired of. If you aren't tired of them now, I think you will be by kickoff Sunday night.

5. Giants better without Barber -- I'm sure ESPN and other media outlets will dredge up all the tired Tiki Barber stuff this week. I don't want to rehash it, and I don't want to hear it. But I probably will have to.

4. The resurrection of Tom Coughlin -- I am sure that Coughlin will be the subject of much conversation this week. Having gone from lame duck to a guy likely to be around for several years, Coughlin has earned the attention.

Ex-Giant Ryan Grant has gone from obscurity to stardom with the Packers. (Getty Images)
3. The rise of Ryan Grant -- The Giants' castoff had an amazing season, gaining 956 yards in basically half a year. The fact that the Giants traded him to Green Bay will be an obvious storyline. With Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, Ahmad Bradshaw and Reuben Droughns, what choice did they have?

2. Eli Manning -- The rise of Eli in the playoffs. Can he keep it up? The fact that he is still playing and his brother isn't. Eli, Eli, Eli. There will be a million Eli stories this week.

1. Brett Favre -- The man-love from Bristol, Ct., will radiate throughout homes that tune into ESPN all week long. Favre is great, Tony Kornheiser loves Brett's wife, Favre has had a storied career and many fans would love to seem him in another Super Bowl. But, enough already. He's not the greatest player ever in the NFL, nor the only nice guy.