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Giants move on, Cowboys move out

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How sweet was that?

A 21-17 victory, in Dallas, over the Cowboys to get to the NFC Championship Game. Short of winning the Super Bowl, this is as good as it can get for Giants' fans.

I have to admit, I'm a little stunned right now. A few weeks ago, I wasn't even sure the Giants would make the playoffs.

Then, Sunday, trailing, with a secondary down to using a guy who just joined the practice squad a couple of weeks ago, and getting no pressure on Tony Romo I didn't see this coming.

Around the time I was ready to give up hope, out of nowhere came a 25-yard punt return by R.W. McQuarters, followed by a touchdown drive to give the Giants a lead.

Then, after not getting near Romo all day the Giants suddenly had guys chasing him and hitting him from everywhere, covering for their depleted secondary.

In the end, it was McQuarters with his second game-sealing interception in as many weeks assuring the Giants of a berth in the NFC Championship Game.

A place I never thought the Giants were going to get to this season.


I will be back in the morning with 'Kudos & Wet Willies.' For now, though, it's celebration time!