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Cowboy-bashing might be premature

Sadly, this will be our final Jessica Simpson Photo of the Day. Enjoy!
There seems to be an awful lot of pundits saying that if an upset occurs this weekend it will likely be the Giants defeating the Dallas Cowboys.'s Paul Zimmerman joined the Cowboy questioners on Friday.

This Romo thing does not sit right with yours truly. He's coming off a bad three-game set; Eagles, Panthers, Redskins. He has a bad thumb and his go-to receiver might be down for the count. Not a happy time.

The game he had against the Eagles -- and maybe the thumb was responsible for it and maybe it wasn't -- was as bad a game as I've seen a QB have this season. And I'm talking about some of Trent Dilfer's desperate afternoons and Testaverde's Tribulations and the birth and death of Charlie Frye, etc. In doing my quarterback ratings I have a little mark I make for a bad pass -- a poor decision, flutterball, wild throw and so forth. Tom Brady, on a good day, might have one or two, sometimes none. If Peyton Manning's facing a tough rush, he might have three or four. Brett Favre on a wild streak might get up to five or six. I think the worst game I recorded for Eli Manning this season was one in which he had nine, and that's a lot.

Romo against Philly had 14. I probably have, sometime in the past, recorded that many, but I can't recall when.

Are you buying what the media is selling? That the Cowboys are stumbling their way into the playoffs, while the Giants are flying high -- maybe even that the Giants SHOULD win the game?

I'm not willing to go that far. The Giants COULD win this game. They are playing as well as they have all season, and you do have to wonder just a little about the Cowboys.

That said, there is no way you can make the Giants the favorite in this game. A victory by the Giants CAN happen, and believe me I WANT it to happen. It will take a flawless effort, though, so I'm not about to join the Cowboy-bashers.

Michael David Smith of FOX Sports is one writer who expects the Cowboys to rebound with a good effort and defeat the Giants Sunday.

I guess we will just have to tune in and find out.

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