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Playoff picks: ETVal vs. 'Greek,' Round 2

To heck with the Cowboys and the Giants! 'Greek' and I are engaged in a war of our own, and things are getting serious.

We both went 2-2 last week in the first round of our head-to-head battle to see who is wiser pigskin prognosticator. I lost both Saturday games, but the Giants and Chargers bailed me out on Sunday.

Let's stop with the nonsense now and get on with this week's selections.

Ed's Playoff Picks

Seattle at Green Bay (-8.5): The Packer faithful get to witness something Saturday many thought they would probably never see again -- a Brett Favre playoff game. Emotions will be running high at Lambeau, and Green Bay won't let its faithful followers down. The Seahawks are a one-dimensional pass-happy team, and the Packers have quality corners in Al Harris and Charles Woodson who will make it a long day for Matt Hasselbeck.

Jacksonville at New England (-13.5): This line could be 23.5 and I would still take the Patriots. The Jaguars have no shot in this game -- none, zero, zip, forget it. Not only are the unbeaten Patriots better than the Jags, but the Jags have provided New England additional motivation thanks to defensive end Paul Spicer's critical comments about Spygate. Not only will the Patriots win, but they will enjoy humiliating the Jaguars -- as they have done to several other teams this season.

San Diego at Indianapolis (-8.5): The talented Chargers were good enough to beat Tennessee last week, but they aren't good enough to handle the Colts in Indianapolis. Even if the Colts aren't 100% physically, Peyton Manning and company have enough talent and playoff savvy to send Norv Turner's Chargers home for good.

Giants (+7.5) at Dallas: Even if I didn't believe the Giants had a legitimate shot at this game you know I would have to pick them here. I do, however, believe the Giants can win this game. It won't be easy, and they will have to be even better than they were last week against Tampa Bay, but I'm still waiting for the signature game that stamps the Giants as an elite team and Eli Manning as an elite quarterback. I'm betting this one will be it.

Last week: 2-2

Greek's Playoff Picks

Well, after what proved to be a promising 2-0 start on Saturday, I fell back down to earth on Sunday and finished wild-card weekend at a surprising 2-2. After 17 weeks of going .500 I've realized that if you put me and a monkey in a room and have us make our picks, you wouldn't be able to tell one set of picks from the other. Of course the monkey's comments would probably be funnier and my picks would be covered in feces, but I digress.

Seattle at Green Bay (-8): I'm not sure I understand the fascination with Seattle this week. Assuming that you make it through the 57 minutes out of every hour being devoted to the Patriots and Romo on SportsCenter, there's been growing support for Seattle upsetting the Pack. I'm not sure that harassing Todd Collins into a couple of picks last week really means to much in the grand scheme of things.

Jacksonville (+13.5) at New England: I'm not sure that Jacksonville can win this one, though nothing would make me happier this NFL season, but they can keep it close. Of course if the Patriots do lose, ESPN will be in mourning until pitchers report for the Red Sox. If that doesn't get you on the Jags bandwagon, I don't know what will.

NY Giants at Dallas (-7.5): Yet again, an unpopular pick, I'm sure. However, when the best reason that the pundits can give for the Giants winning this week is that Romo went to Mexico with Jessica Simpson last weekend, I'm not sure that it's a good idea to jump on the G-men this week.

San Diego at Indianapolis (-8.5): Another game that has received little if any hype this week, and why should it? It's not like the defending champs are trying to avenge an early season loss to ta team that's been a perennial thorn in their side or anything.

Playoffs: 2-2