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Friday morning link dump

Here is today's Jessica Simpson Photo of the Day.
[EDITOR'S NOTE: Big Blue View got a mention from's 'Extra Mustard' this morning. Thank you, Jessica! Oh, and check out Blog Talk Radio for my appearance there last night.]

Here are several interesting items about Sunday's New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys playoff game.

Terrell Owens was back at practice for Dallas Thursday. Forget all that "game-time decision" nonsense. He is playing.

Paging Corey Webster! Paging Corey Webster! It looks like Webster will play a key role again Sunday as both Sam Madison and Kevin Dockery appear unlikely to be ready to play. Yahoo! sports

Off the field, the Giants are no match for the Cowboys. Newsday

Giants don't mind being the underdogs.
The Blue Screen

Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw an unlikely combination. New York Times takes a look at all the ingenius ways fans in Washington and Carolina poked fun at Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo in recent weeks.

In the continuing 'all Jessica Simpson all the time' trend, Michael Strahan says he would gladly take Tony Romo's place if Simpson were to dump him.

The Giants know they must limit the Cowboys' big- play opportunities to have a chance. The Journal News