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'Cowardly' Blabber gets burned by his peers

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You just have to love this, Giants fans. Tiki Blabber's media peers have taken him to the woodshed for his comments about his old team.

Former players-turned-broadcasters said that Blabber's comments were way out of bounds.

An example from Fox Sports Net's Rodney Peete.

"To go at somebody's character after you're done playing is cowardly."

Even Michael Irvin said Blabber was "absolutely wrong" for ripping his former coach and team.

Maybe Blabber will get the message. When Irvin is among those saying you are out of line, then you have to know it's time to shut your trap.

Whether he does or not, at least we can enjoy the fact that Blabber is on the receiving end of ridicule for a change.