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Hey, Brandon, shut up already!

Leave it to Brandon Jacobs to liven up Sunday's season opener with the Cowboys.

If you haven't heard, Jacobs provided some bulletin-board material for the Cowboys.

Basically, Jacobs said the Giants were "the team to beat" in the NFC East and they would go to Dallas and "whup their butts."

Ummm, Brandon, shut the hell up!

We might agree with those sentiments and we might even express them here at Big Blue View. We might even shout down a Cowboys fan every so often.

But, Brandon, pal you've never started an NFL game, never proven a damn thing and your team is the underdog. Be quiet!

• The Giants have reached an injury settlement with Will Demps, last season's starting safety. Tom Coughlin and Steve Spagnuolo are taking a huge gamble at safety, with an unproven starter (James Butler) and two rookie backups.

• Star-Ledger Giants writer Mike Garafolo had a little fun today with some betting odds relating to Big Blue.