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'The Greek' makes his debut

There is one good thing about playing the Cowboys.
Here are the inaugural weekly selections from friend of the blog, Bryan 'The Greek.' Does 'The Greek' have a clue? We'll spend the season finding out.

Oh, and 'Greek' I paired you with the weekly cheerleader photo just to be sure your maiden effort gets the attention it deserves.

New Orleans at Indianapolis (-6) - The Colts start their championship run against a tough opponent, but at home, I can't see them winning by less than a touchdown.

Denver at Buffalo (+3) - The Bills look like they can put up points on anyone and a revamped offensive line should give the passing and running games time to thrive. Denver has a lot of questions marks on both sides of the ball, and this one will be closer than a lot of people think.

Miami at Washington (-3) - Miami looks awful in every aspect on offense. Washington doesn't look much better, but I'll take Portis, Moss and Campbell over Brown, Ginn-py and Trent "Where am I" Green.

Pittsburgh (-4.5) at Cleveland - It's Pittsburgh at Cleveland. Nothing else needs to be said.

Tennessee (+6.5) at Jacksonville - Do you think it's a good idea to cut your starting quarterback a week before the season starts? If so, take the Jags, I'll go with Vince Young and some CFL rejects.

Kansas City (+3.0) at Houston - Houston is favored in a game? Houston? Really?

Philadelphia (-3.0) at Green Bay - If only gambling were legal and I had some money. Lock of the week here.

Carolina at St. Louis (-1.0) - Carolina just isn't the same team as they were two years ago. The defense isn't there to bail the Panthers out and aside from Steve Smith who scares you on this team? St. Louis underachieved last year and should be ready to go out of the gate this year at home.

Atlanta (+3.0) at Minnesota - This is a tough one, but as one of 3 people who gets the NFL Network and watched that debacle of a game last year when Tarvaris Jackson started against the Packers, all I can say is Tarvaris Jackson makes Joey Harrington look like Joey Montana. The one plus about a game like that; it makes Vegas believe that the Packers have a chance this week.

New England (-6.5) at NY Jets - This game could result in pretty much everything except a Jets blowout and I wouldn't be surprised. But with a gun to my head I think the Patriots come out firing early and cruise to an easy win.

Tampa Bay at Seattle (-6.0) - Seattle at home is pretty much a guaranteed win. Throw in Chucky's Carousel of Quarterbacks, and the Hawks win big here.

Detroit (+1.5) at Oakland - Oakland and Houston both favored in the same week? Gentle readers make sure your affairs are in order; this represents 2 of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

Chicago (+6.0) at San Diego - A lot of people have been bemoaning the fact that Rex Grossman is not a quality starting quarterback. The thing is, he wasn't last year either, and the Bears still made it to the Super Bowl. Add in the fact that San Diego went from Marty Ball to Norv Turner. This is like passing on the e coli infested hamburger to eat a hot dog that fell in the toilet, they may taste fine at first, but both end up with you shitting the bed. Take the Bears.

NY Giants (+5.5) at Dallas - I'm sure I won't get any arguments on this site. Unless Wade Wilson passed some of those "banned substances" to Julius Jones, there's no way the Cowboys cover here.

Baltimore (+2.5) at Cincinnati - I'll be the first to tell you that I don't understand the hype around Baltimore. Even so, The Bengals have been a .500 team 2 of the past 3 years, and have done nothing to shore up a shoddy defense. Baltimore covers and gets the win.

Arizona at San Francisco (-3.0) - San Francisco is the popular sleeper pick this year. It's hard to be a sleeper pick if everyone picks you to do well. I think the real question here is; is this game as the Monday Night opener the punishment that the NFL levied on ESPN for Sean Salisbury's indiscretions? Goodell really is tough.