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Ward or Jacobs -- who should be the primary back?

Brandon Jacobs participated fully in practice Thursday for the first time since injuring his knee in the season-opening loss to Dallas.

No word on whether Jacobs will actually be ready to play Sunday against the Eagles. Derrick Ward has been limited by an ankle injury in practice this week, so best guess is that Jacobs will see at least some action if coach Tom Coughlin thinks he is healthy enough.

So, here is the real question. If both players are healthy, does Jacobs resume his job as the primary running back? Or, has Ward done enough to keep the job or at least split time with Jacobs?

Ever since Tiki Blabber retired it has been assumed that Jacobs would be the team's primary rusher. Ward, a fourth-year player with a scant resume, was an afterthought.

His performance through three games has opened eyes, though. He has 273 yards on 54 carries (a 5.1 yards per carry average) and has caught 14 passes. His 361 total yards are 7th in the league.

Coughlin told there is "no question" Ward will continue to be a key part of the Giants offense even after Jacobs is healthy.

So, what do you think Big Blue View Nation? Does Jacobs get his job back, with Ward becoming a complementary back and probably replacing Reuben Droughns on kickoffs? Or, does Ward keep the job with Jacobs becoming primarily what he was when Blabber was playing -- a short-yardage guy who gets occasional carries to rest the starter?

Too many weapons is always better than too few. This is a nice dilemma for Coughlin and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.