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'Greek' says

Well, my new system is still working out the kinks, but if you used it last week, you'd end up with fewer losses than non losses due to an inordinate number of pushes. This is the week that those pushes turn to wins.

Oakland at Miami (-4) - Daunte Culpepper makes his triumphant return to Miami, home of so many great Culpepper performances from last year. Oh ... wait a minute...

Houston at Atlanta (+2.5) - Does Byron Leftwich make his debut this week for the Falcons? Better yet, does DeAngelo Hall cut down on his 67- yard penalties? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, the Falcons may get their first win of the season.

Baltimore at Cleveland (+4.5) - Baltimore almost lost at home to Arizona last week. If Baltimore doesn't start playing better on defense Ray Lewis is going to get angry. And you won't like Ray Lewis when he's angry.

Chicago (-3) at Detroit - Brian Griese has gotten a raw deal ever since he left Denver. This guy's got some talent and he has a chance to show it against a less than miraculous Detroit squad.

Green Bay at Minnesota (+1.5) - Are we prepared to live in a world where Brett Favre is content checking down to his running backs? I think this is one of the signs of the apocalypse, but I'll have to consult a couple of quarterbacks I know to be sure.

St. Louis (+12.5) at Dallas - This one makes up for my Giants pick below.

NY Jets at Buffalo (+3.5) - Buffalo can't go 0-16, can they?

Tampa Bay at Carolina (-3) - This could be the week that David Carr has to take off the white gloves and actually play. Screw it; I'm still taking the Panthers.

Seattle at San Francisco (+2) - San Francisco beat Arizona in Week 1, Arizona beat Seattle in Week 2, therefore, San Francisco beats Seattle in Week 4. It's simple math people.

Pittsburgh at Arizona (+6) - The geriatric wonder Kurt Warner came in last week in relief of Matt Leinart, What does this mean for the Cardinals? It means that God is going to have to start divvying up the miracles again. Sorry Jon Kitna.

Kansas City at San Diego (-11.5) - The offensive genius returns to San Diego as Norv Turner realizes that handing off to Tomlinson 30 times a game might not be such a bad strategy after all.

Denver (+9.5) at Indianapolis - Indianapolis has made a habit of keeping games close over the past couple of years, and Travis Henry has 9 illegitimate mouths to feed.

Philadelphia (-3) at NY Giants - Sorry.

New England at Cincinnati (+7) - One of these games the Patriots won't score 38 points. I'm betting it's this game. Literally.

Last week: 5-8-4
Season: 15-27-7