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Jim Fassel rips Coughlin

Hail to the Redskins cheerleaders! For more of 'em, click here.
So, Gentleman Jim Fassel has finally fired back at Tom Coughlin for his comments that injuries under Fassel were a mental thing.
"I took offense to it and I know players had to take offense to it and medical staff had to take offense to it," Fassel, the Giants coach from 1997-2003, said on WFAN yesterday morning. "When you go in as a coach, you don't try to say something in the past about somebody. Because the whole thing that came out about me running a country club came from those opening comments. And that's offensive to me."

If you want to listen to part of Fassel's WFAN interview, you can do so at Ernie Palladino's Giants Journal.

What do you guys make of that? Sort of like kicking a dog when he's down, even if Fassel's long-held anger is justified.

By the way, is anybody surprised Fassel has never gotten another head coaching job in the NFL? I didn't think he was anything special, but he took the Giants to a Super Bowl and I figured someone would give him another opportunity.