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Thoughts on the 53-man roster

Here are some final thoughts on the 53-man roster selected by Coach Tom Coughlin, GM Jerry Reese and the rest of the Giant coaches.

• I am still surprised that the Giants won't keep Will Demps. He has been placed on Injured Reserve, but will likely be released. With Craig Dahl and Michael Johnson backing up Gibril Wilson and James Butler, the Giants are very young at safety.

• Getting a sixth-round pick from Green Bay for Ryan Grant was a nice move by Reese. Grant wasn't going to make the team, anyway, and to come away with a draft pick for a player like that is impressive.

• Ahh, the life of NFL kickers. The Giants kept Lawrence Tynes over Josh Huston. Tynes had been deemed expendable by KC when they drafted Justin Medlock in the fifth round. Now, the Chiefs reportedly aren't sold on Medlock and Huston is headed to Kansas City to try out there. Oh, and Dave Raynor, just cut by the Packers, is en route to New York to try and take Tynes' job.

Jared Lorenzen and Anthony Wright back up Eli Manning, but I don't think the Giants are totally comfortable there. How about taking a shot at Byron Leftwich?

• The Giants reeled in OG Kevin Boothe and CB Devonte Edwards off the waiver wire. They still have only Guy Whimper and Adam Koets as backup offensive tackles, however.

• Every 2007 draft pick made the final roster. Very impressive, and it bodes well for the future if they all perform.

Here is a look at the full roster, courtesy of Inside Football.