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Lorenzen thinks Eli will be ready to play

Judging from reports of Friday's Giants practice, it is looking more and more like Eli Manning will be able to play Sunday against Green Bay.

Here's a snippet of the report from

Jared Lorenzen, Manning's backup but the primary passer this week in practice because of Manning's bruised shoulder joint, said he and Manning split time Friday, representing Manning's first action since Sunday's opening loss to Dallas when he was injured.

"It was awesome to see him out there," Lorenzen said. "He probably took about half of [the snaps] in every session we had. He threw some good balls. I think he can go out there and play."

During the individual portion at the start of practice, the only segment open to the media, Manning looked at ease throwing both soft, arcing balls and tight spirals. Later, according to Lorenzen, the same held true.

"Once he got loose, he was ready to go," Lorenzen said. "He can make all the throws out there. He was throwing some fade routes, some nice hard slant routes."

That would, indeed, be good news. I wonder what ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who reported Eli would miss a month, thinks now.