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Demps, Huston biggest names to be cut

Here's the first list I have seen of players cut by the Giants to get to the 53-man roster limit. It comes courtesy of Mike Garafalo of the Star-Ledger.


*S Will Demps
*QB Tim Hasselbeck
*K Josh Huston
*CB E.J. Underwood
*DT Jonas Seawright
*OL Todd Londot
*S J.R. Reed
*WR Brandon London
*DT Tui Alailefaleula
*T Jon Dunn
*TE Charles Davis

I'm really, really surprised by the Demps cut. I know he got hurt, but he played really well in camp. New defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo must not be a Demps fan.

The Josh Huston cut will also be a downer for all of you in Big Blue View Nation who wanted him to be the kicker.

There's a good chance I will be away from the computer tonight when cuts become official. I could be traveling, in which case I won't have computer access until Sunday night.

Consider this an open thread to discuss the cuts until I return.