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Looking forward to Saturday

The Giants open the exhibition season against Carolina this weekend. The Giants, of course, have no cheerleaders. So, we're 'forced' to admire the opposition's.
The Giants open their exhibition season Saturday against the Carolina Panthers. Granted, one exhibition game is mostly meaningless, but here are five things I am curious to see Saturday.

• Can Jared Lorenzen translate the solid camp he has had into a solid effort during game action? I hope so. I don't ever want to see Anthony Wright on the field in a regular season game.

• Which of the wide receivers vying for a roster spot will make an impression? Michael Jennings, Marco Thomas, Anthony Mix, Kevin McMahan and Brandon London would seem to be fighting for one spot. One or two big plays could swing the competition.

• Will a kick returner emerge? The Giants were awful returning punts and kickoffs last season. They have several candidates for those jobs this season and it will be interesting to see who steps up. Among the candidates are Ahmad Bradshaw, Sinorice Moss, R.W. McQuarters, Aaron Ross and Michael Jennings.

• Tynes vs. Huston. The placekicking competition between Lawrence Tynes and Josh Huston seems to be a dead heat. They'll both likely end up kicking for somebody this season. Which one will end up with the Giants? A couple of good or bad kicks in live game action will help determine that.

• Will the defense look different? Under new coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, the Giants are seemingly going to be more aggressive. Granted, starters will play very little and they won't show their whole scheme but I am interested to see if a change in philosophy from Tim Lewis' soft style is noticeable.